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Within our catchment area, we offer the installation of LED lighting inside your caravan, motorhome, or boat. Please contact us for more information, and see below for examples of our work.

  • Improved ambience in your mobile home

  • Greater control over the lighting within your vehicle

  • A lighting upgrade for your vehicle

  • Warm white and cool white colours available as standard

  • Custom sizes available

  • Fully dimmable

  • Remote controlled for easy and convenient use

  • Existing electrical system utilised

  • Separate circuits are installed


In this image, the spotlights on the left and right use traditional 10W tungsten filament bulbs, totalling 20W, and using approximately 1.6A of current. The LED system in the centre uses less than 1A (when at full light output) of current. This means more light output, and more battery life! ​

Using the dimmable feature of the LED system, you have greater control over the level of light in your mobile home, and can set the mood and ambience to your liking – all while using less power. 50% light output typically uses 0.5A of current, and 25% light output further reduces the current to 0.25A!

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