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Our trailer tent services are completed to the highest industry standard, and are insured and guaranteed with the full support of the MCEA. Please note that any parts that may be required are not included in service charges. Our trailer tent service consists of:

  • Grease/lubricate jockey wheel

  • Check and grease corner steadies

  • Check breakaway cable

  • Grease overrun pistons

  • Check coupling head

  • Check and adjust handbrake mechanism

  • Tyre and pressure check

  • Remove brake drums

  • Check wheel bearings and oil seals

  • Check, clean, and adjust brake shoes

  • Check and torque wheel nuts and bolts

  • Check general chassis condition

  • Check 12N plug and road lights

  • Gas system tightness test

  • Carbon monoxide test

  • Earth bonding and RCD check

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